The Orchard Hill Observatory is UMass Amherst's optical observatory. It is located on the highest point on the UMass campus and is home to a 16-inch Cassegrain telescope. The observatory is used for public events and for holding open observatory nights for both students and Pioneer Valley residents. The observatory is primarily run by the officers of the Five College Astronomy Club.

Contact information / Current Officers

Teddy Kareta, President and Observatory Co-Director - tkareta @ Senior Physics and Astronomy major.

Can be texted (preferred) or called at '617-671-5906'

Alissa Roegge, Vice President and Observatory Co-Director - aroegge @ Senior Physics and Astronomy major.

Alan Braeley, Secretary - Sophomore Astronomy major.

Kendall Sullivan, Diversity Coordinator - Junior Physics and Astronomy major.

Trevor Nelson, Events Coordinator - Sophomore Physics major.

Join our mailing list

UMass students can join our mailing list by joining the astronomy club here: click here. Non-students can send us an email and ask to be put on the list.

You can get also get updates via our Facebook group: click here.

Former Directors / Presidents (Thank you!)

Contact us if we made an error, or if you know details or people who should be added!

David Sliski, Director and President (2008-2010). Currently at UPenn for Physics and Astronomy.

Sebastian Fischetti, Assistant Director. Currently at Imperial College of London for Physics.

Rob Pierce, Assistant Director. Currently working in Finance.

Joe Loyns, Co-Director (2010-2012). Currently pursuing a masters in Medical Engineering.

Tom MacRae, Co-Director (2010-2012). Receieved a masters in Mechanical Engineering from WPI.

Emily Horn, Director (2013-2014).

Patrick Drew, Director (2014-2016). Starting at UT Austin this fall for Astronomy.

Special thanks

The Orchard Hill Observatory is greatful for all the help and support from countless members of the Five College Astronomy Club, especially David Sliski, Emily Horn, Ben Rizkin, Marie Calapa, Thierry Drew, Crissy Cavallaro and Nikita Gubanov.