Hansung Benjamin Gim

PhD Student in Astronomy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

E-mail : hgim at astro.umass.edu (cosmologist.hs at gmail.com)

The Second-year Research Project [2010-2011] : EVLA Observations for GOODS Fields (Advisor : Prof. Min Su Yun)

The First-year Research Project [2009-2010] : Triggering Galactic Bars (Advisor : Prof. Martin D. Weinberg)

  • Education

  • International Activities

      Accretion and Outflow in Astrophysics 2008 and Second Korea-Japan Young Astronomers Meeting held at Kyoto, Japan.
      The Second IMPRS Summer School 2007 held at Heidelberg, Germany.
      International Undergraduate Summer School (IUSS) 2003 held at Durham Univ., UK

  • Research Interests

      Submillimeter observation (Large Millimeter Telescope), Stellar Population, Galaxy Formation, Galactic Dynamics, Galaxy Evolution, N-body Simulations, Cosmology

  • Publications

      Gim, Hansung 2009, "The Kinematic Investigations of Globular Clusters with the Extended Horizontal Branch: Implications on the Formation of the Milky Way Galaxy" (Master Thesis)

      Lee, Young-Wook, Gim, Hansung B., & Chung, Chul 2007, "Globular clusters with the extended horizontal-branch as remaining cores of galaxy building blocks" Arxiv:/0707.1705

      Lee, Young-Wook, Gim, Hansung B., & Casetti-Dinescu, Dana I. 2007, "Kinematic Decoupling of Globular Clusters with the Extended Horizontal Branch", ApJ 661, L49