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Publically Available Data

Publicly Available Data

The AzTEC instrument team is committed to making as much AzTEC data publicly available as possible. Unfortunately we do not have complete control and so public release of data is ultimately up to the PI's of each project we undertake. If there is an AzTEC dataset that you know exists and does not appear here, we encourage you to contact Grant Wilson and inquire about working collaboratively with our team.

For the surveys below we provide FITS images of the full field surveyed. Maps are as follows:

project_unfilt.fits - the unfiltered sky image in Jy.
project_filt.fits - the sky image after being Wiener filtered for optimal point source detection.
project_filt_psf.fits - the Wiener filtered point spread function (the effective beam for the filtered image).
project_filt_sn.fits - the sigal to noise map of the filtered image.
project_filt_weight.fits - the weight map of the filtered image.

The GOODS-N Survey:

Counterpart Identification and IRAC Colors of SMGs:

  • For radio and IRAC counterparts to AzTEC SMGs in GOODS-N, GOODS-S, and COSMOS and the IRAC color-color characteristic density distribution described in Alberts et al., in prep., click here.