Astronomy Department

First Light!


AzTEC/LMT 1.1 mm continuum grayscale image of the core of the extremely young embedded stellar cluster, Serpens South, overlaid on the false-color mid-infrared discovery image from the Spitzer Space Telescope (RGB = 24, 8.0, 4.5 microns). Over fifty Sun-like stars are forming in the busy center of this region, based on the Spitzer data, but the 1.1 mm image enables us to isolate those sources that are too heavily enshrouded in dust for even Spitzer to see. Red contours overlaid on the grayscale image are derived from a similar map at 350 microns from SHARC-II on the CSO (M. Dunham et al. in prep.); the similar angular resolution and close agreement of the two maps imply similar dust temperatures among the different emission structures now resolved at 1.1 mm by the LMT.