Astronomy Department

Please direct all general inquires about AzTEC to Grant Wilson (PI).

The AzTEC Team

Name Institution Email
Emmaly Aguilar INAOE eaguilar (at) inaoe
Stacey Alberts UMass Amherst salberts (at) umass
Itziar Aretxaga INAOE itziar (at) inaoe
Jason Austermann CU Boulder jason.austermann (at) colorado
James Bock Caltech jjb (at) caltech
Ryan Cybulski UMass Amherst jcybulsk (at) umass
Tom Downes Caltech tpdownes (at) caltech
Daniel Ferrusca INAOE dferrus (at) inaoe
Rob Gutermuth UMass Amherst rgutermu (at) umass
David Hughes INAOE dhughes (at) inaoe
Andrew Humphrey INAOE ajh (at) inaoe
Seth Johnson UMass Amherst spjohnso (at) umass
Sungeun Kim Sejong University sek (at) sejong
James Lowenthal Smith College james (at) smith
Phil Mauskopf Cardiff philip.mauskopf (at) cardiff
Alfredo Montana INAOE amontana (at) inaoe
Thushara Perera Illinois Wesleyan thusharaprr (at) gmail
Alex Pope UMass Amherst pope (at) umass
David Sanchez INAOE domars (at) inaoe
Kimberly Scott UPenn kimberly.scott.1980 (at) gmail
Miguel Velazquez INAOE miyang (at) inaoe
David Welch UMass Amherst dewelch (at) umass
Grant Wilson (PI) UMass Amherst wilson (at) umass
Min Yun UMass Amherst myun (at) umass
Milagros Zeballos INAOE zeballos (at) inaoe

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