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AzTEC related software will be posted to this page as it becomes available for public consumption. Updated versions will be posted in place of older versions as they become available, so be aware of version numbers.

Data Reduction Software

Observation Planning Tools

AzTEC Map Simulator v1.0 - Posted 03/22/05

  • Observation planning tool that produces coverage maps and calculates other pertinent info
  • Currently restricted to raster scanning AZ/EL observations. Check back for updates as other coordinate systems (ie RA/DEC) and observing modes (jiggle mapping) are added to the software in the undefined future.
  • Very handy for planning efficient raster observations and understanding the kind of maps your observation strategy will produce.
  • Preview the software's manual, AzTEC Mapsim Manual (PDF)
  • Written in IDL. Program can only be run in IDL or IDL VM 6.0 and above
  • The program is compiled as an IDL '.sav' file, therefore it can be run in the Freely Available IDL Virtual Machine (IDL -VM) environment (Free download available at:
  • Report any bugs/suggestions to: