Astronomy Department


The AzTEC/ASTE Cluster Environment Survey (ACES) is the largest-ever survey with AZTEC. The aim of ACES is to make a series of confusion-limited surveys of the environments of clusters at 1.1mm wavelength in order to study the dusty starburst populations both in and behind the clusters. Scientifically, we hope to:

  • test the evolution of bias of massive starbursting galaxies and clusters in the high-z Universe with respect to the underlying matter distribution;

  • combine the angular-distribution of SMGs with spectroscopic redshifts (derived from CO molecular-line observations using the redshift-receiver on the Large Millimeter Telescope) to constrain the 3-dimensional distribution of large-scale structure in the high-z (z>>1) Universe;

  • quantitatively characterize extreme star formation in galaxies found in clusters and protoclusters in the local Universe and back to an epoch when the Universe was < 1.5Gyr old;

  • robustly characterize the statistics of the faintest galaxies in the SMG population, taking advantage of the lensing associated with massive clusters;

  • determine the degree of (point-source) mm-wavelength galaxy contamination as a function of redshift to low resolution, lower frequency, SZE/dark-energy experiments; and

  • understand the formation and evolution of massive starbursting systems within clusters, and how this differs from evolution in an un-biased environment.